Transfer to Odessa

The organiser can help with transfer from Zhuliany Kiev Airport to the place of event in Odessa for participants arriving from London, Dortmund, Katowice, Budapest on Aug, 18th.

The organiser can also help with finding of apartments in Kiev for participants arriving from Wroclaw, Vilnius, Dortmund, Munich on Aug, 17th to have a transfer to the place of event in Odessa next day with the rest of a group.

Please contact us to get additional information on the transfer conditions and cost.

Departure from Zhuliany Kiev Airport to Odessa on Aug, 18th starts at:

  1. 11:00
  2. 15:00
  3. 18:00
  4. 23:00

Participants arriving to Boryspil Kiev Airport will need to get to Zhuliany Airport on their own to get transfer to Odessa according to the departure schedule. Please contact us if you need help with transfer from Boryspil to Zhuliany.

There are direct flights to Odessa from: Vienna, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Warsaw.


Transfer from Odessa to Kiev

The organiser can help with a transfer from Odessa to Kiev (Zhuliany and Boryspil Airports) on Aug, 20th and 21th. Departure schedule:

Aug, 20th:

  1. 21:00
  2. 23:00

Aug, 21th:

  1. 06:00
  2. 07:00

Please, contact us if you need to leave Odessa at different time and we will plan additional transfer.